Wizards’ Fantastic Feast

Published on May 5, 2018
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Ever dreamt of going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Fantasy meets reality this June as Christchurch Anglican Church in Claremont is transformed into a space reminiscent of the Great Hall for ‘Wizards’ Fantastic Feast’, an immersive dining and theatre experience complete with special effects. 

At Oxleigh Hall Wizard School a banquet awaits. Come dressed as a Wizard, Sorcerer, Witch, Wiccan or Druid and be spellbound as you enter a Harry Potter-esque world.

Spend the evening feasting, drinking and making your own magical elixir. The feast includes a three course meal and drinks. You will be allocated a Wizard House and undertake wizarding lessons. Oxleigh Hall Professors expect high scores in your OWL, Spells and Potions exams, or you may end up with some extra homework or detention!

Oxleigh Hall has all the magical qualities you would expect of a Wizarding Academy, including an Enchanted Floating Candle ceiling, self-typing typewriters, books that write by themselves, levitating objects, dark and dangerous things lurking in the shadows and Professors that will protect their students by using magical forces (and a little pyrotechnics!).

This 18+ event has been designed by the team behind critically acclaimed immersive theatre event ‘Santa’s Enchanted Wardrobe’, a Santa adventure in a Narnia-like world which has run in Perth for the last two Christmases.

This Adults Only event runs every weekend from 15 – 29 June 2018. One family show only on 30 June. Tickets via Ticketek. Check out the Facebook page.

Disclaimer: ‘Wizards’ Fantastic Feast’ is broadly inspired by Harry Potter, fantasy and science fiction and is an immersive theatre/dining experience for over 18s. It is not endorsed by, affiliated with or associated with Warner Bros. or J.K Rowling or otherwise connected with Harry Potter or JK Rowling’s Wizarding Worlds. It is also not endorsed by, affiliated with or associated with Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones, Dune or Star Wars. ‘Wizards’ Fantastic Feast’ is an independent creative production with a unique storyline, characters and special effects.

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