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Published on February 7, 2019
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YUCK Circus aren’t trying to gross you out. To quote early 2000s Madonna, they’re just showing you what it feels like in this world for a girl.

Inspired by all-women circus troupes such as the award-winning cast of Casting Off (winners of 2018 Edinburgh’s Best Circus award), creator and Broome/Fremantle artist Georgia Deguara has created her first full-length work, proudly backed by her all-female cast and crew.

Their self-titled show, YUCK Circus, has exploded onto the scene as part of this year’s FRINGE WORLD Festival. It paints a picture of the rituals of coming of age as a young woman in Australia, kicking stigma where it hurts and poking fun at everything from vodka cruisers to eating nutella from a jar.

Somewhat reminiscent of last year’s smash hit Hot Brown Honey, this is a Fringe show that isn’t afraid to lay down some very uncomfortable truths, while effortlessly creating a safe space for everyone in the room. Not to mention, some pretty top-notch drawn-on moustaches.

By turns tender and cringeworthy, but always with tongue firmly in cheek, this circus shines in its genuine camaraderie. Deguara is a captivating presence on stage and a confident leader. She has created a knockout of a show that had the audience crying tears of laughter and groaning in recognition.

And for the “circus purists”, as promises Deguara during the show, there are some impressive acrobatic and aerial performances just for you. Plus some fun dance sequences, because these incredible women can do it all!

YUCK Circus gives voice to the beauty, awkwardness and flat-out horror of growing up. Not only do I wish it had been around when I was going through my own growing pains, but I hope it tours to every high school in Western Australia and beyond. 

YUCK Circus ends on Wednesday 6 February. For the full FRINGE WORLD 2019 program head to

Kira Rikkers

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