Review: Legally Blonde The Musical

Published on August 29, 2018
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It’s never an easy feat to transform a Hollywood movie into a stage musical, but the team from APAN Entertainment have certainly pulled it off with Legally Blonde The Musical, showing at the Regal Theatre until 2 September.


Chatting with Adina from APAN before the show, I was intrigued to hear about the great work the academy is doing to support young people in the arts in WA. This production (like all of their shows) pulls talent from the academy, as well as the local area, and teams them up with accomplished actors and performers as mentors.

With young talent like this in WA, we can look forward to some wonderful productions in the future.

For Legally Blonde, the familiar face of Lynne McGregor joins the superb cast to bring to life the story of Elle Woods (played by Reese Witherspoon in the original film). From the moment we sat down in the pink embellished theatre, to the final number, this show was jam-packed with music, dance, comedic lines and a few life lessons to boot.

I felt the costuming reflected the current trends of millennials, but I loved the touches of 80s and 90s fashion that referenced the film.

Of course, the music and dance components were the main attraction here. I was impressed by the variety of different dance styles and the calibre of the musical numbers.

The story of Legally Blonde is probably suited to older teens and young adults, as some of the concepts are a touch too grown up for younger audiences. It’s definitely a fast-paced and upbeat show, even at 2 hours with a 20-minute interval.

Legally Blonde promises a feelgood, fun day out for fans of the film, parents and teenagers, and everyone who loves lighthearted, upbeat musicals.

Playing at the Regal Theatre till 2 September, Legally Blonde The Musical is a great showcase of our up and coming talent. Make sure to keep an eye out on the APAN website for their future productions.

Sharon Pegrum

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