20 Best Coffee Shops and Cafes in Perth

As the capital and largest city in the state of Western Australia; Perth offers a rich vibrance of culture. Like any contemporary metropolitan area, coffee plays a large part in the success of the city. Whether you’re grabbing essential caffeine for the day ahead; or wanting to hang out we’ve got the best spots covered … Read more

11 Fun Facts About Quokkas

Imagine a cute animal — a sloth, a puppy, or a kitten. Perhaps it has adorable ears, a sunny disposition, and a pouch. You might guess wallaby, and you’d be close. Let us tell you about quokkas – the other small marsupial that’s gained fame over the past several years.  We’ll introduce you to 11 … Read more

20 Top Free Things to Do in Perth

No matter if you are a Perth resident or you are visiting the city for a vacation, there are many free activities that you can do.  Go commune with the local sea creatures as you go snorkelling or even kayaking. Besides the water-based activities in the Indian Ocean and other nearby beaches, you can explore … Read more

mini guide to whats open on anzac day

If you’re looking for something to do on the Anzac public holiday, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of local restaurants and cafes that will be open, as well as some of the local stores that will be worth checking out. For coffee lovers in Perth, options for where to get their caffeine … Read more

qa christopher edmund on his 30 year careerat waapa

Christopher Edmund, WAAPA’s Head of Acting for an incredible 30 years, is retiring. During his time at WAAPA, he has mentored household names such as Hugh Jackman, William McInnes, Frances O’Connor, Jai Courtney and Marcus Graham. “It’s been a privilege and an honour to work with the students at WAAPA over the past three decades” … Read more