Wok Street Chow House

Published on April 6, 2016
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The latest offering from Perth hospitality stalwart Nick Bond is Wok Street Chow House. Located on Lake Street in Northbridge, there you will find irresistible Thai food as well as an impressive drinks list – top marks for the fresh cocktails!

Read on to hear from Nick about his latest venture…

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What was the inspiration behind the joint?

Thai street food and fresh wok cooking – my favourite cooking styles. It’s fresh ingredients cooked to order, right in front of your eyes.

What’s your favourite thing on the menu?

Crying Tiger and Pad Thai – both amazing dishes that make me smile when I eat them.

You are a major player in Perth’s dining scene right now. Who, or what, inspires you in your work?

My passion has always been Asian cuisine: Malay, Thai, Japanese, etc. I can happily eat them all for breakfast lunch and dinner.

I get inspired by great food and carefully thought out spaces which transform into restaurants and bars. Long Chim is firm favourite as is Shadow Wine Bar in Perth.

Over the last year I have spent some time in Sydney which is really inspiring, the food and design working together, Mr Wongs is a great example and China Lane.

Where might we find you on a day off?

If I am not cooking for friends and family, my go to is Long Chim, where I love sitting at the bar, eating and drinking Whiskey Sours. Nick

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Images courtesy of Wok Street Chow House.