Wild Poppy

This is old school Freo vibes at their best: crocheted menus, eclectic decor and chilled out staff. Open for breakfast and lunch (and that all important coffee in between), Wild Poppy’s menu items are drawn from a range of different cuisines, but all are executed beautifully. On the breakfast menu you will find thai rice pudding, wok fried crab omelette, and my favourite chilli masala eggs alongside the less adventurous eggs on toast and granola.

Make sure you get your breakfast order in before 1130, as there’s then a half our wait before the lunch menu opens for ordering between 12-230. And while the lunch menu is small, they have exactly what you need – fish and chips, quiche and salad, and everyone’s favourite banh mi amongst the offerings.

Like most of South Freo, Wild Poppy is child friendly. Claire