Guest Blogger: Why Being a Foodie is Good for Your Health with Pascal and Nic of Equilibre

Published on May 11, 2012
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If you checked out the blog last week, then you might remember Pascal and Nic’s post on Finding your exercise mojo! It really was a motivating piece, penned with such great tips that have made both of us think twice about our exercise! Today Nic, the foodie of the team, joins us with a piece on why being a Foodie is good for your health. Yes, it’s true – eating well is actually good for you! Enjoy.

Why being a Foodie is good for your health!

Love it or loathe it, the term ‘foodie’ appears to have cemented itself as part of our recent cultural vernacular.  For me personally, it’s a badge I’m happy to wear and one that we have embraced for use within our business.

I’m lucky enough to be just old enough to remember when milk was delivered in glass bottles and the fight over who was going to get the creamy goodness at the top! I remember picking strawberries from our patch in the back garden, helping to dig up potatoes and sitting on the front step popping fresh peas out of their pods, ready for the evening meal. I also remember the taste of freshly picked apples from a friend’s orchard. I didn’t experience these things because we were privileged, or my parents thought it was trendy or ‘green’ (far from it!) It was just what you did in those days (and to an even greater extent in our grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ day).

Fast forward 30 years or so later and we live in a very different food world (or should I say, ‘non-food’ world). We now have long shelf life products, freezer meals, packet-mixes, meal replacement shakes, energy drinks, protein powders, synthetic vitamins, fast food and the drive-through. Additives, preservatives, flavour enhancers and artificial sweeteners are the norm, and if chemicals are not added during processing, the chances are that pesticides were used during the growing process. Food has become big business – an exercise in mass marketing and advertising. Science has deemed that it now knows what’s better for us than nature. There’s an entire industry devoted to weight-loss, with Australians spending an estimated $790 million on weight loss products and services last financial year. All this, and the sad reality is that the majority of us are a lot fatter and unhealthier than we were 30 years ago.

Every true foodie needs a good resource library.

As a business that seeks to help people regain good health and fitness, we have chosen to use the term ‘foodie’ for good reason. Not in the sense that it’s connected to elitism or pretentiousness, or that it only refers to the search for exotic, rare and expensive ingredients or cuisine. Instead, we believe it represents a turning of the tide for the better in terms of the types of food we eat and the way in which we eat it. Here’s why…

A true foodie:

– Eats mindfully, savouring and relishing the taste of food, with less chance of overeating;

– is fussy about quality and doesn’t see the point in processed, refined food, diet products or food that has been stripped of its natural fat;

– appreciates the simplicity and ease of good produce and well-made staples;

– spends time in the kitchen preparing meals, trying new recipes and sharing them with family and friends;

– is more likely to meet their nutritional needs from eating a wide variety and trying new things;

– cares about where the food comes from, how it’s produced, how far it travels and the resulting effect this has on the environment;

– understands that food is a source of total nourishment (for the body, mind and soul), not just energy in; and

– enjoys food via their senses, and also by how it makes their body feel.

Weekend bounty from the Mt Claremont Farmer’s Market.

With that in mind, we’re so excited to see the ever-growing foodie trend here in Perth and regional WA. It makes us happy to see local farmer’s markets popping up, beautiful cookbooks being produced, restaurants and chefs growing their own food and supporting local producers. As our friend Sophie from Foragers eloquently puts it (in this interview), the producers deserve to become the new rock stars of the food world, as chefs have certainly had their moment in the spotlight!

So many local, organic producers deserve our support – Over the Moon Organics (and sister company, The Giddy Goat Cheese Company), Spencer’s Brook Farm, Eden Valley Biodynamic Farm and producers of staples like the delicious Loafers Organic Bread, to name but a few. New and innovative businesses like Urban Locavore are doing their bit to shine a light on local producers and food businesses that we all need to know about. Passionate, interesting businesses like Turban Chopsticks are producing what deserves to be known as the ‘new’ convenience food – vegetarian, natural and good for you!

Being a foodie certainly doesn’t mean you have to have a high level of skill in the kitchen, always eat at the finest restaurants or only shop at farmer’s markets. It’s about freshness, seasonality and recapturing the simple pleasure of enjoying what you eat. It’s about savouring the moment and respecting the effort or sacrifice through which food comes to you. Above all, being a foodie is about loving food, REAL FOOD, and about loving the (healthy) life that good food can give you. Nicole.

Thanks Nic! All of this talk about wholefood is making my stomach grumble, and making me want to return to the Subi Farmers Market this weekend for another pint of creamy milk! Mmmm. If you like Nic and Pascal’s foodie attitude, then why don’t you head over to the Équilibre website and sign yourself up to their next Fitness for Foodies course!


  • Hi Nic thank you for including us in your lovely article. We definitely call ourselves foodies too! We have been doing what we do for more than 9 years and have definitely seen a shift in the way people buy food – the markets have really helped there – more and more people want to know where their food comes from, how it is produced and if they can trust the person selling it which is what farmer’s markets are all about. Keep up the good work of spreading the word about good food. x

    by Annie on May 12, 2012 at 3:42 pm
  • Great to see bloggers getting on the Perth bandwagon. There are seriously so many amazing producers here but everyone is still convinced the best produce comes from Woolies or Coles. Wonderful article guys!

    by Jamie King on May 12, 2012 at 10:43 pm

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