The Rose & Crown

  • When:8am-9pm Mon-Sun
  • Where:105 Swan St Guildford
  • Tel:9347 8100
  • Good for:a long and lazy afternoon of eating and drinking.

If you feel like escaping city life a little, head up to Guildford where you’ll find the historic Rose & Crown hotel. The hotel became a licensed inn back in 1841 and there is a rich history in the Heritage Listed building. Over the years, the owners have managed to renovate the property and add new elements to the pub without diminishing its historical attributes. Downstairs in The Cellar Bar is where you feel the history the most, with exposed brick and beams, a sunken well, and even the archway from an original tunnel that once lead directly to the Swan River. Moving up again, you can choose to relax in The Garden, a lush outdoor area; The Posh Convict Bar and Restaurant, cosy rooms with lounge chairs and a fireplace; or the classic 1841 Restaurant. The Rose & Crown is not somewhere you can easily pop in just for a quick drink as the homely environment entices you to stay all day. Why not take the train up and spend a leisurely afternoon enjoying the undemanding surrounds (and even take a peek in the nearby antique stores if that’s your style)? If that’s not enough, you can even book to stay a night, in the 3½ star lodge or one of the 4 star Heritage Rooms upstairs! It might be a little out of the way, but The Rose & Crown is well worth a visit. Claire.