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Published on August 22, 2016
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Improving the world we live in is as important to the creators of Tipsy Oil, a local olive oil provider, as pressing the perfect drop of that liquid gold.

Tipsy Oil was born from an idea that its founder, Man Singh, had a few years back as a 22 year old. “I had a very optimistic vision of a company that did good things for the world, was self sustaining, didn’t have internal politics, and helped other businesses along the way,” he claims. Tipsy Oil made sense to him as meeting this vision.

Tipsy Oil empty bottles PS

What makes Tipsy different is the use of recycled wine bottles to bottle their product. This seems like a great idea, so why don’t more people do this? Gathering and cleaning bottles costs more than buying new ones. But for Man, this isn’t an option. “I knew this would increase the cost but it definitely does a good thing for the environment and also puts a good message out there for recycling.”

Man explained that pure glass can be recycled indefinitely and recycled glass can save 74% of the energy necessary to make new glass. Furthermore, “the more you recycle, the more efficient the equipment becomes.” Quoting Clean Up Australia Ltd, Man told us that glass takes one million years to break down naturally, so every piece of glass that has been sent to landfill is still sitting there. As well as environmental factors, Man found out that recycling plants on average hire more people than new bottle production plants. Tipsy Oil also advertise where their bottles come from, attracting business to the restaurants they partner with.

Tipsy Oil olives PS

So, what goes into a Tipsy Oil bottle? While the number of olives in each one varies, “it is safe to say there are between 800 – 1200 olives in each bottle!” he says. Their olives are currently sourced from Donneybrook, and as the business grows, Man and his team plan to continue to source olives from the Geographe region. Man prefers to enjoy Tipsy Oil cold: “I had Tipsy this morning over eggs, toast, avocado and smoked salmon.”

We have been enjoying the crisp, full-bodied flavour in salads. We aren’t the only ones enjoying Tipsy – they won Bronze at the Perth Royal Show last year “and we’ve got our fingers crossed for gold this year,” hopes Man.

You can purchase Tipsy Oil from their online shop or head here to read the extensive list of local stockists.

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