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Published on September 29, 2015
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Local illustrator Ashleigh Perrella is all set to launch her first range of wedding stationery at First Comes Love this weekend. The event, taking place in Mosman Park on Sunday 4 October, is not your typical bridal fair, it is filled with ideas and contacts for anyone planning a party. You’ll be able to meet stationery designers like Ashleigh, photographers, caterers, stylists and many more locals who can make your celebration super fun. Today we shine the spotlight on Ashleigh, whose floral designs are absolutely gorgeous.

Ashleigh Perrella 2 photo by Amanda Alessi

Photo by Amanda Alessi.

Official job title: Artist and illustrator.

When did you first get into illustration:

I’ve always dabbled in drawing but it wasn’t until mid last year that I started illustrating flowers and I haven’t looked back since.

Describe your workspace:

It’s my old bedroom in my parents’ house! It is small but I love it; it has vivid red walls and I’ve just kind of converted it into my studio. I have a pegboard sitting above my desk for all of my inspiration, it’s pretty in the morning when the sunlight floods through onto it. The rest of it is not as exciting, just desk space, inventory, packaging materials, and so on. I try and keep it clean and organised: it keeps me inspired.

Ashleigh Perrella 3 photo by Amanda Alessi

Ashleigh’s prettiness on display at Beau est Mien this year. Photo by Amanda Alessi.

What is the best thing about your job?

I love the challenge of starting my own business, I’ve learnt so much in a very short time. Most of all though, being able to be creative and having complete control of my direction and vision is the best!

Take us through a typical day of your work:

I’ll have a slow-ish start to the morning, I enjoy having a long breakfast and coffee. I’ll be in the studio by around 830-9am. Each day is different depending on what is coming up, but I always try to do a little bit of drawing everyday. A lot of my day is admin, packaging, posting, inventory, emails, planning. I’m still learning how to balance all of that with my practice. I also love having catch ups with other creatives during the week and going out for meetings, it can get a bit isolating being in the studio by myself all day every day.

Ashleigh Perrella 1 photo by Amanda Alessi

Super sweet gift tags. Photo by Amanda Alessi.

What music do you listen to whilst you work?

I’m addicted to Spotify at the moment and I just pop on a playlist that reflects my mood and discover new artists. This week has been all about Ben Howard, The Paper Kites and Ngaiire.

What will you be launching at First Comes Love this weekend?

I’ll be launching my first collection of wedding suites and stationery that feature my floral illustrations. When I designed my friend’s engagement invitations earlier this year I had such a lovely response, she still gets comments about them months later! My style also just naturally fits with all things romantic and feminine. I also offer commissions to illustrate bridal bouquets and wedding arrangements as a keepsake for brides following their big day.

Ashleigh Perrella invitations Ashleigh Perrella menu

Ashleigh will be launching her wedding stationery line this weekend. Visitors to First Comes Love can also chat to her about other party planning needs – like those sweet menu cards above.

Your work features a lot of floral motifs – what’s your favourite flower?

That’s a tough one! Ranunculus are so beautiful, I also love poppies. I draw a lot of poppies.

Which local artists/musicians/creatives do you admire?

I admire any creative who is able to pursue a sustainable business from their creative practice. I really admire Magali Dincher and the ladies behind Beau est Mien. They’re so inspiring.

Ahsleigh Perella 6 photo by Amanda Alessi

Ashleigh setting up an exhibition at Beau est Mien this year. Photo by Amanda Alessi.

What do you love about Perth?

I just think it has a nice balance: not too small, not too big and lots of opportunity for growth. And the weather.

What does Perth need?

To be more open minded when it comes to change and doing things differently. It is definitely getting better but I feel there is still a way to go.

Most frequented coffee spot?

My go-tos around town are Mrs S in Maylands, Boubar in Nedlands and Hush in Freo.

Best live music venue?

I love outdoor venues like Red Hill and Fremantle Arts Centre in the summertime.

Ashleigh Perrella 4 photo by Amanda Alessi

Photo by Amanda Alessi.

Favourite beach?

Cottesloe or Leighton.

Rottnest or Margaret River?

Margaret River, hands down! Ashleigh

You can browse Ashleigh’s beautiful floral illustrations over here, like her stationery on Facebook over here, and meet her in person at First Comes Love this weekend!

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