The Aviary

The Aviary is part of The Publican Group, a business that sets up bars and pubs throughout the country. The result is a well polished bar in a very prime location. Situated on the roof at the corner of William Street and the Murray Street Mall, The Aviary rules the roost at this corner of the city. The venue sports astro turf, woven seating reminiscent of birdcages and even a small bowling green for when the mood strikes. The Aviary’s strength is that it is smack bang in the middle of the CBD and it makes the most of the wonderful, Perth weather. Try and hide under an umbrella, or slap on the sunscreen and enjoy the mist spray that keeps you cool, while you sit back and enjoy a cold one.

Bright young things flock there on weekend evenings, where you can reserve a table for a hefty fee, that is then reimbursed in food and as a drinks tab. But we dig it in the early afternoon, when the sun shines, and you cast an eagle eye over the busy shoppers below while hours pass before your eyes. The Aviary pitches itself at a specific clientele, with prices on the higher end of average and a strict dress code with various rules for throughout the day and night. There’s also a credit card surcharge that you should know about. But rules aside, it’s a fun, inner city option for a cider in the sun. Claire