Taka’s Kitchen

  • When:Mon-Sat
  • Where:Shafto Lane, Murray St Perth
  • Tel:9324 1234
  • Good for:quick and tasty Japanese.

What’s not to love about a fast-paced, cheap meal, where tasty food is all the go, and free tea is supplied to be poured at your leisure! Whilst Taka’s Kitchen is not a fancy establishment by any means, the tables are always filled, and the atmosphere jovial. Situated on Shafto Lane, towards the west end of the city, Taka’s is a favourite with local office workers, students and city shoppers. Join the queue and order at the counter, before jostling with the punters for a seat. But don’t worry, the meals are quick and the turnover rapid so you won’t wait for long even if it’s packed. Taka’s can also be found at the Fremantle markets, should you wander down that end of town towards the end of the week.