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Spotlight On: Canning River Cafe

Published on March 5, 2018
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Canning River Cafe is snuggled next to the Canning River Eco Education Centre (CREEC) on the banks of the Canning River.

I always find it strange when cafes use their beautiful surroundings to bring in diners but then they negatively impact the area with disposable products. The owners of this environmentally-aware cafe respect the local environment and are doing their part to ensure the area remains unpolluted and undisturbed.

Spotlight On: Honest Goods Co.

Published on February 9, 2017
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Sensitive stomachs and glutards will rejoice at the discovery of Honest Goods Co., an allergy-friendly bread range that started as a farmers market stall by creator Rebekah Barnett. Fast forward eighteen months and the sleek Honest Goods Co. loaves are now found at many of Perth’s trendiest cafes as a delicious alternative for health conscious eaters.

With aspirations to be the “Pana Chocolate of bread,” read about the genesis of Honest Goods Co. and future plans in Andjelka Jankovic’s chat with wellness entrepreneur Rebekah Barnett.