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Published on February 2, 2016
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Strange Company is a small bar in Freo with big, welcoming arms.

Run by an enthusiastic group of locals, they serve excellent cocktails, plus the food on offer is tasty too.

Read on to hear from the whole group about their passion!

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Introduce the team behind Strange Company?

The team behind Strange Company are a passionate bunch of Fremantle individuals who are keen to see the port city’s night life thrive.

Behind the scenes are, Matt Giudice and Jason, who built the bar from ground up and have since been thoroughly testing the produce, and maintaining quality control(!). Tying the whole operation together behind the scenes is Clancy Travers. Front of house, Operations Managers are Greg Leaver and Darcy Travers. Head Chef: Ricky Mandozzi (ex-Melbournian from Movida), Bar Managers: Rachel Green and Kim Isaac.

I think that the joy of the Strange Company gang is hidden somewhere in its name – in that, as a collective we are all a little strange, and together a formidable team!

What was your aim in opening the bar? What did you want to create?

We wanted to create somewhere where people can come together and enjoy themselves. In this seemingly crazy world we think its important to have warm, welcoming places where you can go, switch off and unwind. We wanted somewhere that felt comfortable to sit and have some food, a drink and a good yarn! We strove to build a focus on having what we think is the best of each branch on the liquor tree without focusing on one particular product or “theme” for the bar. It was really important to us that whilst someone with an appreciation for fine liquor would feel right at home, we didn’t want the focus to be all on the booze. To us a bar is a relaxing environment where catching up with friends, sharing food, enjoying good conversation and perhaps even meeting new people come effortlessly!

What do you love about Freo? 

I think what draws us all to the old port town (apart from all growing up here) is its unique personalities, culture and ambience. Importing and exporting is synonymous with a port town, however Fremantle’s best export/imports are all hidden in its unique and nurturing community. I mean the town has played home to Tim Winton, Bon Scott, Tame Impala, Sam Worthington, Ben Elton, Joan London, Luc Longley, Mama Kin, Tim Minchin, Anna Gare (all the Gares!), John Butler, Eskimo Joe, San Cisco, The Waifs, Lucky Oceans, Michael Patroni, Kerry Hill, Little Creatures, The Fremantle Arts Centre, Leighton Beach and of course the better of the two WA football teams. Even the owners of some of our favourite bars/eateries in the city (Sneaky Tony’s, Mechanics Institute, Shadow Bar) have very deep roots in Fremantle and its community.

Lets not forget it makes a mention in a Paul Kelly song! I could go on but you get the picture, it’s strangely addictive.

What is your favourite cocktail on the list?

Darcy (Head Mixologist): Hrmm… That’s a tough one as it’s so subjective. I enjoy making cocktails for stories, it gives me a chance to get a better understanding of what people actually want from their cocktail. Having said that, you asked about the cocktails on the list.

So… for me, it’s probably a stiff stirred drink like the Lemon Butter Old Fashioned or the Rosita White, however Rachel’s Double Delight and the Lou’s Spiced Daiquiri seem to be the crowd favourites. I do have a soft spot for daiquiris.

Describe Strange Company in three words:

| Inviting friendly delicious | A Small Bar | Eighteen to Eighty |

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