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Published on March 18, 2018
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Denmark is a busy little town surrounded by majestic forests 55km from Albany and around 400km south of Perth. Just 1km out of town you’ll find The Floating Forest, a hidden retreat and place of rejuvenation in the forest run by couple Dale and Louise Smith.

We headed down to check it out, lured by the promise of the Wellness Centre and luxury cabins. The Floating Forest promises a relaxing and rejuvenating getaway and it certainly delivers. I have stayed at a range of getaway locations down south, and whilst all have been picturesque and relaxing, the Floating Forest takes things one step further.

The added bonus to this property is the Wellness Centre, with a range of experiences including float tanks, massages and beauty treatments. Owner Dale is a Life Balance Coach, which introduces another facet to this holistic getaway.

Suited to couples or adults wanting an escape from the busy rush of daily life, The Floating Forest offers 4 different options for accommodation. Earth and Wood are the 2 original cabins on the property, to which Louise and Dale have added the Yellow Tingle and Karri studios. All 4 cabins are decadently appointed and offer a comfortable and relaxed stay. You can learn more about the cabin options here.

We stayed in Wood, an open plan cabin with a stunning deck affording views across the beautiful forest. There is something about the giant trees of the South West of Western Australia that always takes my breath away, and I feel like being nestled in amongst them really enhances the experience here.

Great care is taken to ensure guest comfort with crisp white linen, fluffy towels and a kitchen filled with amenities. I love that there was real coffee in little glass jars and toiletries that suited the eco-friendly feel of the property.

Of course, out here in the bush you get the joy of fresh rainwater, and what better to fill the giant tub with! The bathroom is definitely one of the bonuses here – alongside the super relaxing tub, there is a shower with a generously sized shower head.

Spoilt for places to sit and relax, you can choose from the rustic deck, lounge area and also a third seating area inside. But if that gets boring, you have a range of lawn areas as well as the forest close by to explore.

So, you could quite happily head down here and just spend a few nights soaking in the serenity – but the thing that really sets The Floating Forest apart is The Wellness Centre, managed by Louise.

Trying a floatation tank is something I’ve always wanted to do, although the idea of complete sensory deprivation was a bit daunting at first. It was reassuring to know that you can lift the lid at any time, or choose to float with the lid up. There are gently coloured lights inside the tank which you can turn on and off, giving you the option to tailor the experience to your needs.

The meditation music that plays at the start of the session felt like it went forever and I did wonder if I would make it through the hour session, but once the music stopped it was like time stood still. I have done quite a bit of meditation over the years and the thing I love about this is that there is a real lack of distraction, you are completely supported in the water – which contains 500kg of magnesium – and it’s entirely soundproof. There is a disconnect between your mind and body and it’s like floating in space. 

The benefits of magnesium are well documented and I am sure that it is individual to every person but I left the tank feeling super relaxed and refreshed. I also had an amazing night’s sleep, but whether that was the peace and quiet away from the kids, idyllic setting, the float tank, or a combination of all, I don’t know. I do know that it is totally worth it.

The Wellness Centre offers many other services and my companion on this trip tried out a massage while we were there and came back raving. As a healer herself, she is no stranger to massages, so the fact that she had such an amazing experience really speaks to how good it was.

There are also beauty treatments, yoga and rejuvenation packages on offer. You can see all the services on offer here. These are available to both guests and visitors, so even if you are staying elsewhere in the South West, you can still experience The Floating Forest!

We also had the pleasure of chatting with Dale and hearing about his approach to life coaching. Dale draws on his knowledge, experience and intuition to help lead you to a more fulfilling and positive path. I can say that both of us had some really profound realisations after chatting with him.

The Floating Forest is the ultimate in South West getaways if you want to come back feeling refreshed and recharged. Located just 1km from the townsite of Denmark there is access to the best Denmark has to offer in the way of food, shops and attractions. With the background of the grand forest and the time and care put into this property to ensure you have an amazing stay, you really can’t go wrong here.

Sharon Pegrum

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