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Published on June 21, 2017
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Beside Blacksmith in Highgate there’s a little alleyway where you can find the most excellent ice cream made by two lovely people – Mati and Kaitlyn. Kuld Creamery scoop their fresh creations from 460 Beaufort Street from 4-10pm Wednesday to Sunday. Pronounced [ku:ld] or cooled, it is Mati’s family name, which is of Estonian origin.

Mati and Kaitlyn in the Kuld alleyway.

Michigan-born Kaitlyn was living alongside Mati in his hometown of Toronto before they made the trip across the world two years ago. Back there, Mati worked in the film industry as a cinematographer and director, whilst Kaitlyn was a hairstylist. Nowadays the time they spend developing new flavours appeals to their creative sides. From the moment their plane touched down in Perth, their love affair with this city began.

The pair had often talked about opening a small business together and their wistful conversations about the ice cream they enjoyed while growing up gave them the spark they needed to launch a business. “After spending some time [in Perth] we couldn’t seem to get our hands on the craft ice cream we had grown up with,” says Kaitlyn, “and while there was plenty of great gelato, it didn’t quite hit the ‘ice cream’ spot for us.”

So the pair started to hone their ice cream making skills out of their little granny flat until they were ready to launch Kuld Creamery. “We stuffed everyone we know full of sample flavours,” Kaitlyn laughs. A grateful test audience I’m sure!

Mati and Kaitlyn credit their great tasting creations to three things: passion, time and ingredients. “We use organic, Western Australian milk, pure cream and local pasture eggs, and every base we make is cooked on a stove top and stirred by hand,” they explain. With each batch being a two-day process, Kuld’s ice creams are truly a labour of love.

“We have a little chuckle when people come in and give us a wide-eyed stare after sampling a flavour and stammering ‘it tastes exactly like…!’. That’s because we use the real deal for our flavours – no artificial flavours, gels or colours. Almost all the chunks we churn into our ice creams are made in-house including biscuits, pies, marshmallows and caramels.”

What are the pair’s favourite flavours? Mati lists four: espresso; London Fog (Earl Grey tea infused with vanilla beans); oatmeal raisin chocolate chip; and buckeye (chocolate and peanut butter). For Kaitlyn: “Fresh mint chip, Kath’s perky popcorn and key lime pie for an all time favourite… oh… and roasted strawberry. But if you ask me each week it’s a new one!”

So mosey on down the alleyway and say hi to Kaitlyn and Mati. They look forward to serving you scoops of deliciousness, as getting to know customers and locals is what they love best. “Every day we are so thankful for all the great people we meet and spend time with.” Lick local!

Claire Trolio

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