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Published on January 8, 2017
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Having opened towards the end of last year, Comet Pizza has fast become Perth’s most talked about pizza joint. Its bold, orange lettering, awesome Martin E Wills mural, not to mention the mouth-watering pizza toppings, have captured the attention of Northbridge locals.

Before you head down for a slice, you can have a read of our chat with Comet Pizza owner Thomas Rowe.


Who is behind Comet?

I am the owner and manager of Comet Pizza. I conceived the initial concept for the restaurant, set up the premises and have been been rolling dough, training staff, firing pizzas and the like every day since opening.

My partner, Hayley Curnow is an interior designer and together we developed a design concept for the space.

Graphic designer Gene Eaton of Inland Studio developed the branding and visual communication for Comet, and Martin E Wills contributed significantly to the space through our much loved extra terrestrial space friend (mural) in the alfresco.

Head pizza chef Ermal Sharra has extensive experience making pizza, having led the pizza kitchen at Ace Pizza among many other Italian restaurants in Perth. Our inspiring team of staff are passionate about pizza and contribute to the vibrancy of the place.

What inspired you to open a pizzeria?

With a background in photography and hospitality, I was inspired to create a unique restaurant that combines my love of great customer service, gourmet pizza and contemporary design. Having travelled extensively and lived in Melbourne, I recognised that unique destinations are vital in defining the culture of urban districts.

The fit out is mighty fine! Who designed it?

Thanks! The fit out was designed by Arcadia Architecture + Interiors and built by Assemble. The project team saw the interior as an opportunity to captivate visitors, recognising that diners are not only interested in what food is on offer, but also what experience they will have in your space. We wanted to create an approachable restaurant where the kitchen, ingredients and pizza oven are bustling and focal, and the dining areas offer a place of respite where people are encouraged to dine and dwell.

In line with the cosmic associations of the Comet brand, the interior is peppered with subtle references to Futurism, space and cosmology, including a sweeping, dowel-clad counter, circular motifs and an unusual palette of red, sage and peach tones inspired by 1930s Futurist art and design. The hero of the space is a carefully engineered ceiling vault that houses a striking constellation of spherical pendant lights and ellipses. Seating 70 patrons, the interior is anchored by a generous banquette seat, while finer details, such as bespoke furniture, custom fittings and a mural by local artist Martin E Wills, provide moments of delight for occupants.

What’s the best pizza on the menu?

The Chilli Maple Chicken has been a big hit. The dough is left to rest for 24 hours and is hand rolled at the start of the assembly line. The pizza is topped with pesto, shredded barbequed chicken, mozzarella and chilli-maple dressing.

What do you love about Northbridge?

I was drawn to open a restaurant in Northbridge as it has been the subject of much cultural growth and change over the last 5 years. With a tangible arts scene and a mix of retail, music venues, restaurants and small bars, I felt Comet offered something a bit different. I love how Northbridge has grown and the public have supported new venues. Every year the city feels more alive.

Comet occupies a previously neglected, heritage-listed residence, built in 1897. In its former life, the building served as a boarding and lodging house and in the 1970s, a photographic studio. It is among the only remaining residential properties on the street block and contributes to the diversity of Northbridge and its development as a key cultural precinct. Recently, the property and its neighbouring tenancies have undergone a dramatic revitalisation to create an identifiable food and beverage destination for Northbridge. We are thrilled to be contributing to the story and diversity of Northbridge. Thomas

Find Comet Pizza at 252 William Street, Northbridge. They are open from 11:30am until 10pm 7 days a week.

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