Ships in the Night: Words with Tristan Fidler

Published on May 11, 2016
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Ships in the Night is all about words. Words that are spoken to you, and words that are sung. Ideas are shared, excerpts read and poems spoken aloud at this quarterly gig. The nights are wonderful and intimate, and the next instalment is happening at Paper Mountain on Thursday 19 May.

Headlining the event are Tristan Fidler and Laurie Steed who will be joined by four readers: Axel Carrington, Elizabeth Lewis, Hugh Manning and Ciocia Ola. Bringing the tunes will be New Nausea and Golden String.

We talked about words with headliner Tristan Fidler…

Ships in the Night

What do you consider the most beautiful word in the English (or another) language?

“Discombobulated.” It takes you through a real journey. Once you get through saying it, you understand what it means.

What about the most ugly?

“Yucky.” “Yummy.” I mean, I am shuddering just typing those words. So infantising.

What word do you use too much?

“Indeed”. Classic place-holder “I-am-acknowledging-what-you-are-saying-without-adding-anything” kind of word.

Tristan Fidler Magnolias_Feb9_c2016_AGray_03

When was the last time you were reduced to tears from something you read?

I am halfway through Martin McKenzie-Murray’s A Murder Without Motive and have been very moved by some sections. Otherwise, John Porcellino’s comic-book Perfect Example and the last pages of Rick Moody’s The Ice Storm.

Can you give us a single sentence from what you will read at Ships in the Night?

I haven’t written it yet, but I guess I should start: “Please be more solemn”. Now just to write the rest of it! Tristan

You can hear more of Tristan’s words at Ships in the Night on Thursday 19 March. Doors open at 7 for a 7:30pm start, and entry is $10. Keep up to date with all the Ships in the Night happenings over on their Facebook page.

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