Ruck Rover General Store

  • When:11-6 Mon-Fri, 11-5 Sat-Sun
  • Where:242 William St Northbridge
  • Tel:9228 3502
  • Good for:shopping a hand picked selection of the best independent labels from around the world.

The idea of a general store connotes old-fashioned, personal service and a one stop shop for all your essentials. This is what Ruck Rover is! You might not be able to pick up milk and bread, but you can walk out with a beautiful frock for a fun night out, a bit of light reading, some film for your Polaroid camera, a gift for that special someone, and a bag to put it all in. All while shopping in a relaxed space with friendly staff.

For the ladies, Ruck Rover offers an eclectic mix of casual tees for romping around in, pencil skirts and blouses in sexy librarian style and cardigans to compliment any outfit. But their forte is the range of delightfully pretty dresses on offer. Many are in vintage style cuts in the most incredible fabrics: think 40s inspired shirt dresses; 50s inspired polka dot frocks with full skirts; and 60s florals. But all new and for very reasonable prices.

For the blokes, their range of tee shirts is second to none. They scour the world for the greatest designs and focus on labels that are not available elsewhere in Perth.

The staff at Ruck Rover are Polaroid mad and they are pleased to offer supplies for all your instant photography needs. Add irresistible stationery, hand knitted scarves, local zines, Frankie magazines and books, leather wallets and baby clothes to the mix.

Ruck Rover also host monthly exhibitions in their teensy gallery Mini Art Mart. A great way to support and showcase local talent!