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Published on February 25, 2018
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The Rocky Horror Show is back in town and fans are flocking to do the Time Warp again!

Following the sacking of leading man Craig McLachlan over accusations of sexual misconduct, lovers of the cult musical waited with anticipa——–tion for news of who would fill the stilettos of the sweet transvestite from Transylvania’s role.

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The decision to continue with understudy Adam Rennie – a graduate from Perth’s own WAAPA – as the lead has paid off. Rennie had started the tour in the dual roles of the ill-fated Eddie and wheelchair bound Dr Everett Scott, but this serendipitous turn of events is sure to get him noticed. He simply skyrocketed the role out of this galaxy.

McLachlan played the role of Frank-N-Furter when the show toured nationally in 2014. His version of the leading role was played in a very camp, cheeky manner, as opposed to the more masculine, dry manner with which Rennie interprets the character. His rendition is in equal parts sexy and emotional and his voice is rock and roll-powerful. He won the audience over at ‘How-dee-do-I.’

Die-hard fans couldn’t have cared less about the controversy, blind-sided by the presence of living legend and original creator of the show, Richard O’Brien (aka RKO), starring as the Narrator. Not only is RKO a cult hero, his long skinny legs deserve a place in the Guinness Book of Records for defying the laws of gravity.

Image by Jeff Busby

The stellar line up of thirteen members includes Kristian Lavercombe, who astounded audiences in the 2014/15 tour as Riff Raff, and musical theatre favourites Amanda Harrison as Magenta, Nadia Komazec as Columbia and Brendan Irving as Rocky.

Playing the roles of Brad and Janet are Rob Mallett and Michelle Smitheram with the rest of the ensemble cast made up of Geoffrey Winter, Bianca Baykara, Ross Chisari, Hollie James, Hayley Martin and Stephen McDowell.

From the recognisable first riff of the Late Night Picture Show tune until the encore of the Time Warp, audiences are along for the ride. Whether you have seen this show many times or like Brad and Janet it’s your ‘first time’, the music is infectious, the costumes quirky and the sets state of the art cheesy.

WARNING: This show is only for sexually-liberated, open-minded, out for a good time folk. If you identify as prudish or sexually unadventurous please stay home in your dressing gowns and slippers, there’s nothing here for you.

Image by Jeff Busby

Sequin-covered top hats off to the live band who brought the show to life. From the first beat, the urge to get up and dance in the aisle took hold. Alas, being a polite and conservative audience, behaviour was curbed for fear of appearing on the front page the next morning.

The standing ovation at the end was as much a congratulations to the cast and crew as it was a release of pent-up energy used to restrain oneself from breaking out the lighters, water pistols and rice, and stripping down to a bare minimum of respectable underwear and immersing yourself in the experience, like they did in the good old days.

The Rocky Horror Show departs for another galaxy on March 4th so if you haven’t yet booked, get onto it. It’s just a click to the left.

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