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Published on June 15, 2017
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Want to know how to bury a body? How to have an affair? What to say in an awkward situation? You need The Advisors.

The Last Great Hunt adds another powerful weapon to its theatrical artillery with their latest production, The Advisors. It’s punchy, polished and poignant.

Advisors_production-image by Daniel GrantJeffrey Jay Fowler, Arielle Gray, Chris Isaacs, Frieda Lee, and Mararo Wangai are the fonts of all knowledge. They are your advisors, reciting line after line of advice in a rhythmic flow, a poetic stream of consciousness; possibly all the advice they have ever been given, freely given to you.

For a script built purely from fragments of life’s lessons, on subjects far and wide, it is surprisingly engaging, hooking you in from beginning to end. When asked about the creative process of writing this piece co-writer and direct Gita Bezard said,

“We would pick a topic and all write as much advice on that topic as we could think of, then we would read them aloud and discuss what worked, what was missing. Then every day or so we would each take a topic and edit it down to a manageable amount. This went on for about three weeks in total. In the end, we had about one hundred pages and I edited it from there.”

This 60-minute show relies on the quick-fire delivery of words, with movement and music completing this clever script. Hats off to the cast for not missing a beat.

If you missed this show, you can still read our interview with writer and director Gita Bezard and nab tickets to The Last Great Hunt’s brand new show, The Irresistible, an exciting co-production with Side Pony Productions that’s showing at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts until 24 June.


Image: The Advisors by Daniel Grant

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