Review: A O Lang Pho

Published on February 17, 2017
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Vietnamese production A O Lang Pho is now showing at the Regal Theatre as part of the 2017 Perth International Arts Festival. In performing sublime movement on stage, the Nouveau Cirque du Vietnam are powerful storytellers – the 70 minute circus event presents an evolution from village to city. A story of progress with its gains and losses.

The performers’ movement is mesmerising as they flit across the stage, achieving feats seemingly effortlessly. There is an overarching lightness of movement – at times the women and men appear weightless in their steps.


Nouveau Cirque du Vietnam employ bamboo and rattan creations for props. It harks back to traditional, daily life in Vietnam as well as being visually intricate and furthering the story.

A major part of the spectacle of A O Lang Pho is the live music. Using traditional instruments and drawing on southern Vietnamese work songs, the musicians captivate the audience, drawing them into the cultural richness of Vietnam.

A O Lang Pho shows at the Regal Theatre until 25 February. Head here for tickets.

Claire Trolio.

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