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Published on May 7, 2017
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The 2017 Perth Comedy Festival is in full swing, taking over the Regal Theatre and the State Theatre Centre of WA until 21 May. In one of this year’s highlights, Matt Okine is bringing his sixth solo show, We Made You, to town.

You might be familiar with Matt from his 3 year stint as a breakfast radio presenter on Triple J (Breakfast with Matt & Alex), guest spots on quality TV shows such as Legally Brown and Comedy Up Late, or perhaps you heard his debut hip hop track Fade (Nothing At All) that was released last year.

He’s been a regular on the comedy circuit since sinking his teeth into the industry at the ripe young age of 18, and Matt is returning to our television screens in 2017 with a new ABC TV cooking series, Short Cuts To Glory plus he’s working with streaming service Stan to develop his autobiographical show The Other Guy.

Matt’s a busy boy right now, but he took time out to chat with Claire ahead of his trip to Perth.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wrote a poem in year 2 about how I wanted to be a stuntman. It was all about how throwing myself down stairs and jumping on barbed wire would be so much fun. Am I OK?

When you emerged on the comedy scene as an 18 year old it seemed as though you came out of nowhere. Was there more to it? How did you pluck up the courage to have a crack at Triple J’s RAW competition at such a ripe young age?

I did come out of nowhere! I was 18! The only thing I’d done before that was eat chips in food courts after school and sleep in the occasional bag racks of primary schools on my way home from parties after drinking too much cask wine. Mind you – the idea to enter RAW comedy came to me at one of those parties. Cask wine will do that to ya.

From comedy to radio to television, where do you feel most at home?

I’ve spent the last few weeks filming my TV show for Stan called The Other Guy and I’ve realised how much I feel at home on set. I absolutely loved the radio, and had the best three years of my life every morning talking shit with my friend Alex and going to incredible gigs… but TV is catered. I’m serious. I am getting so fat eating delicious food for lunch every day. I’m all about dat #setlyf.

I’m looking forward to watching Shortcuts to Glory on the ABC. First, do you know when it airs? Secondly, who is it aimed at and what will they learn?

Rumour has it, it’ll be out this winter. And it’s aimed for, literally, everyone who has ever picked up a spatula. All the other shows around are total food porn. But just like sex porn, they give you unrealistic expectations. Our show is about how to have a real relationship with food. It’s about making food love. And about making a killer spag bol.

Does the show come from a place of personal experience? What was on high rotation on your dinner table in your 20s?

I remember moving out of home when I was 21 and getting gifted the worlds oldest, crustiest BBQ from a friend. Man, this thing had so much grease caked on it, that every meal we cooked just came off looking black. Disgusting. But tasty.

What can viewers expect from your Perth Comedy Festival gig?

Last year – a girl threw up in the first ten mins of my show, so this year I’m really just hoping the crowd doesn’t have to endure that again… but also, I’m feeling in the best form of my life at the moment. I’ve actually had sleep this year!

What other shows are you hoping to catch while in town for the Festival?

I saw Aunty Donna’s show about four times last year, so I’ll definitely be back again this year. And Becky Lucas is in amazing form. She’s one of the best writers going around, and I’m stoked we were able to write my TV show, The Other Guy, together. It’s coming out on Stan this spring. Get on it!

Matt will be performing at the Regal Theatre on Saturday 20 May at 9pm as part of the 2017 Perth Comedy Festival. Head here for tickets.

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