Q&A: Camp Doogs with Coel Healy

Published on August 21, 2015
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Camp Doogs: an immersive music festival experience that, unless you’ve been before, is shrouded in a little mystery. We sat down with one of Camp Doogs’ founders Coel Healy to find out a little bit more about what festival goers are getting themselves in for (it’s all good, he promises!) when buying a ticket. This year the festival runs from 9-11 October in Nannup, and you can buy yourself one of the few remaining passes over here.

Camp Doogs 1

What led you to start Camp Doogs?

A general dissatisfaction with the culture of music festivals in WA and a desire to create an event that really captured the true DIY nature of Perth’s music scene. We also loved New Zealand’s Camp A Low Hum and wanted to create something like that here.

So people find out who is playing when they get there? What do you promise us?

Over 30 unique acts, a best of 2014/15 selection from Perth and around Australia, activities, a bus to take you there (just like school camp), strange art installations, great food and a whole heap of new friends.

camp doogs 4

Who are some of the names to have played over the last couple of years?

Over 80 acts have graced the Camp Doogs stage to date including Nick Allbrook (Tame Impala, Pond), Peter Bibby, Kucka, Mangel Wurzel, Whipped Cream Chargers, Spermaids, Doctopus, Ham Jam, Simo Soo (Syd), Sarry (Jpn), Usurper of Modern Medicine, Felicity Groom, Outerwaves (Bris), Rabbit Island, Mental Powers and heaps more.

Can you share a favourite moment from a previous camp?

The Emlyn Johnson river side performance and subsequent wrestling match. Peter Bibby’s set, Mangel Wurzel’s lead singers post-breakup performance (so much raw emotion!) and Aslan’s late night Deep Doogs set.

Language warning! Watch this Peter Bibby clip for good fun, but be prepared to hear quite a few swears in there.

What do you hope people will get out of attending?

They’ll discover lots of new bands and make lots of new friends.

What should you pack?

Warm clothes, a torch, swimming gear if it’s warm enough, closed shoes and a tent/sleeping bag minimum.

camp doogs 3

What food is available?

Everything from Brazillian to strange Nannup delicacies like Charlie’s vegan pizzas and yummy wedges.

Can you describe Camp Doogs in three words?

Discovery, Nature, Mates. Coel

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