MYRE: Fremantle’s Whole New Way of Doing Business

Published on October 7, 2013
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Have you ever walked past an abandoned building and thought “now that would be a cool place to turn into an …[insert great idea here]”? We have, which might be why we were so impressed with the recent transformation of the old Myer store in Freo. You might recall when they were calling out for all sorts of creative types to join them on this quest? Well the first stages of the development have been completed, and Kate Roff went to check it out last week. Here’s what she found…

Trico children's wares - Photo by In-Situ Photography

Tricot children’s wares. Photo by In-Situ Photography.

The clever crew at Spacemarket (with the help of the City of Fremantle) have re-worked the vacant 5-floor department store into MYRE – an edgy home for bespoke, Western Australian retailers, designers and artisans. With plans for a roof-top bar, a production hub, community centre, event venue and even a heli-pad – this is definitely a place to keep an eye on.

MYRE PROJECT - Scheduled for Production MYRE PROJECT - Handcrafted and Local

But be warned, according to Spacemarket director Beth George: “This is not a pop-up shop”. Described as a ‘meanwhile’ space, this is one of Australia’s biggest short-term activation spots. It is temporary (don’t worry, it will be around at least until August 2014) but we can’t think of a better way to use the building than what they’re doing right now.

Kate + Abel millinery - Photo by In-Situ Photography

Kate + Abel Millinery. Photo by In-Situ Photography.

Last week’s launch showcased some innovative retailers on the bottom floor, including quirky vintage shop The Gossamer Project, stylish milliner Kate + Abel, Rock Paper Scissors hair salon, designer handbags from Jacinta Lepoutre, high-end children’s ware from Tricot and the gourmet creations of chocolatier Sue Lewis – we recommend the salted caramel delights!

Sue Lewis Chocolates - Photo by In-Situ Photography

Sue Lewis Chocolates. Photo by In-Situ Photography.

Among the creative souls carving out a name for themselves on the ground floor is the Bauble Collective, a group of twelve women who produce some very interesting jewellery. The Bauble designers were fed up with stores demanding mass-produced pieces and say that the Myre Project gives them the avenue to really explore their art. “We can be professional but still feel innovative,” says designer Sarah Munday, “plus, people really appreciate talking to the jewellery makers – they know their piece is unique and what’s inspired it.”

The Bauble Collective - Photo by In-Situ Photography

The Bauble Collective. Photo by In-Situ Photography.

Cat's designs from the Bauble Collective - Photo supplied copy

An awesome piece by Cat, part of the Bauble Collective. Love this necklace!

You’ll also be able to check out SIX THREAD, a collaborative effort between six fashion designers from the Perth area. The designers involved are Daniella Caputi, Monster Alphabets, On A Whim, The Butcher and The Crow, TINDALE and Wild Horses, each producing their own labeled lines that are designed and made locally. While each label differs a lot, what ties them together is their dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

Tindale black dress

Dress by TINDALE.

The creative team behind Feast Your Eyes are also heavily involved in the space, with a gallery and arts hub, Outpost, found on the ground floor. There will always be new and innovative art on show, with the opening exhibition by brilliant photographer Jarrad Seng up now.

Jarrad Seng Iceland (1)

Jarrad Seng Iceland (1)

Sound cool to you? Then get along to Kings Square in Fremantle (corner of Newman Court and Queen Street) to investigate this awesome make-over.

Opening hours, starting this Wednesday 9 October:
Wednesday-Friday: 10-6
Saturday: 10-5
Sunday: 10-4


  • Just a note that Tricot is not just childrenswear and half the people in your story are no longer there like she’s chocolates and six thread. Be nice to see an update!

    I’m just a Freo local trying to support the great people at Many (previously Myre)


    by Sam Donovan on March 12, 2014 at 3:11 pm
  • Hey Sam,

    Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate it. Blog posts are quite specific to the publication dates, but the rest of our site is permanent so you can find more up to date information in the directory listing. So glad to see MANY is so popular amongst the locals!

    by admin on March 19, 2014 at 4:58 pm

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