Lincolns 102

  • When:730-4 Tues-Sat, 830-4 Sun
  • Where:102 Lincoln St Highgate
  • Tel:9228 1759
  • Good for:delectable, homemade cakes and an old-fashioned sense of community.

The demise of the corner store is oft lamented, with less opportunity for locals to pick up their daily essentials with a dose of chit chat and familiarity, and beautiful buildings falling by the wayside. Lincoln’s is a charming little café situated in one of these old buildings, with floor to ceiling windows and ample footpath outside. And the sense of community you get from this spot is reminiscent of the corner store of yesteryear. Locals are always stopping in for their regular breakfast or takeaway coffee and checking in with one another for a friendly exchange. And the scrumptious cakes make it difficult to walk out without taking an extra slice home for later on. The food menu occasionally receives a facelift, and while this means your favourite dish might suddenly disappear, do not fear as the replacements seems to get better and better. Claire.