Koko Black

  • Where:23 St Quentin Ave Claremont
  • Tel:9284 2049
  • Web:www.kokoblack.com
  • Good for:indulgently thick and creamy hot chocolates.

Having indulged on many a Koko Black rich, Belgian, hot chocolate in the Eastern states, I was rather pleased to discover that Koko Black is now available in the West too. You’re probably thinking “pfft what’s the big deal, hot chocolates are overrated”. If so, then think again. Made with real chocolate flakes and cream, their hot chocolates are so delicious and thick that you’ll be tempted to replicate it at home. Lucky for us they sell packets of the chocolate flakes so you can do just that. If hot chocolates are not your thing, then try one of their many delicious chocolates, including the Dulce de Leche, Hazelnut Trio and a range of truffles, as well as flavours specifically developed for their WA store. Their menu offers a variety of chocolate indulgences, and they sell it in blocks if you’d like to take some home. Worth the detour if you don’t live in the area.