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Published on March 15, 2017
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Rolling into town last year was Gary’s Diner. Seeing this rad orange and blue striped truck around town you’d be forgiven for thinking they were newcomers to the scene, but underneath those stripes you’ll find something very familiar. With a stack of magnets, long time truckers Comida Do Sul convert to Gary’s Diner when opportunity knocks.

When owners Joel and Dany launched Comida do Sul in 2013 they were pioneers of the Perth food truck business. They started off by applying to the City of Fremantle for a food vehicle licence, and they have grown from there. Gary’s Diner first started sizzling in 2016 and will be popping up at this year’s Food Truck Rumble on Sunday 26 March.

When it comes to the burger and fries side of the business, “we noticed a little bubble in the market and dived head first into it,” says Joel. “There was no burger truck in Perth so we hussled old mate Gary and he was keeeeeen!”

Gary's Diner - photo by Queen of Bad Timing

Photo by Queen of Bad Timing.

Joel describes Gary: “He is the common man, the common burger, that glistens in the sun.”

Over the years Joel and Dany have noticed that more councils are becoming more receptive to food vehicle applications, but there are certainly still challenges as far as red tape is concerned, and the market is cluttered with what he calls “one day a week warriors.” But as Joel states “you just gotta stay true and commit to the street.”

Joel credits the house dill mayo with keeping patrons coming back for more. And he has been playing with some chilli jams and pickled chilli for their chilli cheeseburger ready for the Food Truck Rumble. “I hope it’s okay,” he chuckles. If his past creations are anything to go by, it sure will be!

You can meet Gary at the Food Truck Rumble in the Perth Cultural Centre from 11am to 8pm on Sunday 26 March. Keep an eye on their Facebook page to find out where they will pop up next!

Claire Trolio

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