Guest Post: Britain’s Biggest Bridezilla

Published on February 7, 2018
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Georgina Francis, nicknamed ‘Britain’s Biggest Bridezilla’ by the UK press, is using FRINGE WORLD 2018 to rehearse her fairytale wedding 14 times. She explains why she’s using the festival to practise the best day of her life and why you are invited.

Anna Morris

Like every woman, I’ve been planning my wedding since being in the womb.

This year, I’m finally having the best day of my life and marrying my dream man, Politician Simon Hamilton. After turning down 645 venues (including The Vatican and the Taj Mahal), we settled upon the perfect venue for our 3,000 guests – The Sydney Opera House.

Most Brides have 1 wedding rehearsal, but I am NOT most Brides. I’m an icon to all women. I really do have it all. I’m engaged, I’m facially blessed, I’ve never eaten a chip and I’ve got no sweat glands. So
therefore I need to have as many rehearsals as possible to ensure the big day is PERFECT! So when I found out about this little FRINGE WORLD thing that generic members of the public attend, I was thrilled!

What better way to practise and try various aspects of the wedding (like releasing doves from the wedding dress and riding down the aisle on a unicorn) than to put it on as a ‘show’ and ask normal people to come along and fill in as guests and relatives!

Obviously it’s NOT a comedy (I have no sense of humour) and is a very serious wedding rehearsal.
I will be asking people to write Simon’s vows and groom speech as he hasn’t had time to do them himself yet, fire objections at me so I can practise my response, and suggest music to walk down the aisle to, amongst other things.

Many people will never get the chance to attend such a lavish wedding with a budget of over £1 million. So this is Australia’s chance to have a little taster of the wedding of the century, and meet the British Bridal equivalent of Ghandi.

The wedding rehearsals are taking place at the Palace Society until Sunday 11 February (no shows on Mondays as I have botox then).

See Anna Morris: It’s Got to be Perfect nightly until Sunday 11 February at 1907 Palace in Queen St. Don’t miss the award-winning, international sell-out wedding comedy that took Adelaide and Melbourne by storm.

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