Guest Blogger: Meredith Ashton’s DIY Serving Tray

Published on June 14, 2013
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With winter here, now is the perfect time to start entertaining at home. One thing I love doing is having friends around to catch up over an old fashioned afternoon tea. Think scones with jam and cream, steaming hot coffee or tea and great conversation. Of course an afternoon tea is much more enjoyable when it is easy to serve and nicely presented!

The easiest way to serve up your afternoon tea is on a serving tray. Trays that are available in stores are often boring and have no personality, so what’s better than to present your afternoon tea off something that is unique and that you have made yourself!

Meredith Roomes Serving Tray 4

An easy item to make a serving tray out of is a picture frame; you can personalise your tray by lining the bottom with your choice of wrapping paper or fabric.

You will need to choose a frame that has a recessed edge so the glass sits at the back rather than the front of the frame. I made this one out of a Norrlida white frame from Ikea. It was 69 x 29cm and cost $19.95. Other materials you will need:

1.    Two cabinet handles
2.    Wrapping paper
3.    Stanley knife or scissors
4.    Drill

Meredith Roomes Serving Tray 3

Use the block mount from the back of the frame to cut your wrapping paper or fabric to size.  Make sure you have enough wrapping paper or fabric to cover the length of the frame so you don’t have any join lines in the middle. Put the wrapping paper or fabric in the frame and cover with the block mount to keep it in place. Make sure the block mount is firmly held in place, if required you could use small nails to strengthen the tray, as you’ll need the base to take the weight of your afternoon tea.

Meredith Roomes Serving Tray 2 Meredith Roomes Serving Tray

Measure where you want your handles to go and fix them in place. Add your favourite tea and treats and you are ready to go! When you want to update your serving tray all you need to do is change the base wrapping paper or fabric – easy!


Meredith Ashton loves foraging for disused goods and finding inspiration for projects in different places. Every Friday in June, Meredith is sharing some easy, DIY projects with us to get us thinking creatively, too! If you missed last week’s Tin Can Planters head over here to check them out, and be sure to return over the couple of weeks for more great tips. You can find even more clever projects, as well as other insights into the world of Meredith, over on her blog find love keep.


  • What a fantastic idea!

    by E on July 5, 2013 at 4:03 pm
  • Great idea!! Simple and looks very appetising!

    by Clare on July 14, 2013 at 8:42 am

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