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Published on August 3, 2016
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On the corner of Canning Highway and Comer Street in Como lies Frisch and Barć – a gem of a café that serves up breakfast, brunch and lunch. Their coffee is darn good, and their tea offerings deserve a special mention, too.

Brand manager Caleb has helped Frisch and Barć owner John set up this latest south-of-the-river meeting place and told us some inside goss, including where that intriguing name comes from. Hint – it has to do with bees!

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1. What is the ethos behind Frisch and Barć?

Our vision for Frisch and Barć is to create a space for the people to feel welcomed, somewhere for people to call home while drinking and eating great produce. We summed it up in three words: food, coffee, community.

2. Where does the name Frisch and Barć come from?

The name Frisch and Barć is a really fun and a little abstract, this is our little brand story.

In 1886 Vienna, Austria, a baby by the name of Karl Ritter von Frisch was born. In his lifetime, Frisch grew up to become an ethologist (someone who studies animal behaviour), and during his heyday, Frisch studied the social and communicative interaction of European honeybees.

What Frisch discovered was pretty special, so special that he was awarded a Nobel Prize for his work. Frisch found that bees are more than just mindless drones all going about their business. He actually found that bees intricately communicate and interact with one another and the environment around them to build the barć (wild beehive). In doing this, bees are able to create an amazing community that wouldn’t exist without them or them without it.

Frisch and Barć is centred around community. Giving you a place to feel welcomed and relaxed whether it’s grabbing a quick coffee before work, spending time with friends and loved ones, or anything in between.

3. Tell us about your coffee and tea:

Quality is important for us and it’s no different when it comes to our coffee. We don’t jump up and down about our specialty coffee and rad equipment, because lot of the time our customers don’t have any interest in it, they just want a great cup, and that’s what we deliver. Just quietly, we are really focused on making amazing, specialty coffee.

We get our coffee from Top Shelf Supply Co, a great new company from Perth that roast amazing, fresh crop, specialty coffee. These guys are addicted to flavour and roast their beans with such precision and passion that we just had to work with them.

On our end, we have awesome baristas, working great equipment with a hunger to pull the best shot every time. We are so keen to always be doing our very best for our customers, that we test and adjust our water purity twice a day just to make sure our coffee is consistently good.

We also have a wonderful variety of loose leaf teas from Top Shelf. Tea isn’t something that has been explored in a big way in the Perth café scene but high quality tea has all the flavour intricacies of coffee, while being more delicate, maybe even cathartic (well we like to think so.) Our teas are definitely something to be tried.

4. The menu is  great – we love the substantial items for a proper brunch! The burger and the omelette especially. What was the aim with the menu?

Our food visionary and owner Johnny Wong doesn’t do things by halves. He creates menus that he wants to eat, not what trends dictate, and is always proud of what he serves. Our goal is to give our customers a smile – and fun, tasty food is such a large part of putting smiles on faces.

5. What’s your favourite order?

I struggle to pick a favourite order, I enjoy it all so much. If I was ordering right this second, I would have the smoked ham hock baked beans with a 63 degree egg and garlic bread, a Golden Bud tea and a flat white to take on the way out the door. Caleb

Find Frisch and Barć at 297 Canning Highway, Como. They’re open 7am to 3pm Tuesday to Sunday.

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