FORM Gallery

  • When:9-5 Mon-Fri, 10-5 Sat
  • Where:357 Murray St Perth
  • Tel:9226 2161
  • Good for:showcasing new exhibitions and promoting new ideas for Perth.

FORM is not just a brick and mortar art gallery on Murray Street, it is so much more. FORM is a thought process, a creative progression, and a way of life for many. It’s an independent, not-for-profit organisation, which works to develop and promote creativity and design in Western Australia. It strives to develop accessible projects within WA to retain local creatives from fleeing to the Eastern states, by creating endless opportunities. It also promotes change within WA, and attempts to push the boundaries and limitations so often in place of the minds of Perth’s people.

The changes they make are through many different projects around WA. These include their research projects, where topics such as “What Makes a City?”, and “Are We Building Buzz?” are currently on the go. The Urban Strategy Program attempts to bring creativity into everyday life through a variety of measures, and they have previously invited different speakers to visit Perth, including prominent Urban Innovator and Planner, Charles Landry, to address issues facing Perth from reaching its full potential. Creative developments are also being made in the rural and remote sectors of WA, by working closely with Aboriginal artists, in an effort to further promote their culture and art forms. Also under the FORM umbrella is the Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery, and the Midland Atelier which accommodates local and international artists and designers, providing a studio from which they can work.

No, it is not just about a gallery. But you can see many of the above projects being represented in the Murray Street gallery, at different points in time. Visit their website for some interesting reading and more info, including how you can get involved.