Food Store

  • When:Breakfast Mon-Sat, Lunch Mon-Fri
  • Where:1251 Hay St West Perth
  • Tel:9322 9896
  • Good for:gluten-free friendly lunches but plenty of options for those not so limited in dietary requirements as well.

Lunch is the Food Store’s forte, with loads of hot and cold options. There’s not just soup and pasta to warm your belly on a cold winter’s day, but they offer roast veggies, vegetable stacks and various other options. Salads abound in the summertime, but hearty, cooked classics remain on the menu as well, of course. There are plenty of gluten free options as well as meals for vegetarians and meat lovers alike. The staff at the Food Store are used to catering for the busy West Perth lunch rush, so you’ll receive prompt service. Claire