Fat Shan Records

  • When:10-6 Mon-Sat, 12-5 Sun, Friday evenings open late with live music
  • Where:The Basement, 37 Barrack St Perth
  • Web:www.fatshanrecords.com
  • Good for:checking out the local music scene, through cds as well as in the flesh.

Sometimes great things happen when friends grab an opportunity and run with it. The team at Fat Shan’s did just that when they wanted to create a forum to showcase Perth’s local music. The headliner act of Fat Shan Records is the shop.

Situated downstairs through a London telephone box, you’ll quickly find the store specializes in new and used vinyl. They have an ever changing collection of refurbished record players to help tech-philes discover the joy of the lo-fi sound. Perth’s best collection of local recordings is here because the Fat Shan’s team stock anyone’s EP at zero commission. Its their way of helping get local music to local ears. Do what I did and ask for a recommendation.

But that wasn’t enough for these guys. Half the store is filled with Love the Loved, a vintage and handmade boutique with threads for both boys and girls. The recording studio out the back gives Perth’s next big things what they need to record the music they love. Wanna see some live music? Every Friday the space gets opened out for intimate gigs and they hold bigger events at great venues throughout town. Keep an eye on our events calendar for details. And just to prove how good this collective is, they also have a graphic design offshoot that specializes in bill posters! Now that’s just showing off. Dave.