TV and Movie Trivia Game Show

February 18, 2017
The Game Sports Bar

A Fringe show with a difference – each night involves a themed trivia quiz night in the style of a game show!

Hosted by enigmatic Quizmaster Benny B. Jammin’ and his sassalicious co-host Rollergirl, contestants can expect each night to be two-and-a-bit hours of raucous and stupid physical games, sudden death buzzer rounds as contestants work in teams and alone (if they dare!) with audio and video questions on the ginormous Courtside screen. Bucket loads of prizes from our awesome sponsors The Game Sports Bar, Varsity Burgers, Tutti Frutti Leederville and Luna cinemas. With Benny & Rollergirl rollerskating and performing a genre-specific theme song each night, general tom follery and skylarking completes with post-show- funky-synth-laden DJ tunes dropped by Benny on Friday and Saturday nights).

Theme: Animation Attack
February 9, 7-9:15pm
Family Guy, Futurama, Simpsons & South Park

Theme: Sitcom Central
February 10, 8-10:15pm
Seinfeld, Friends, Fresh Prince of Bel Air & Big Bang Theory

Theme: ZOMG Drama Babes
February 11, 8-10:15pm
Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Sopranos & Dexter.

Theme: Spooktacular Series.
February 16, 7-9:15pm
The X-Files, Buffy, Supernatural & The Walking Dead

Theme: Fantastic Fantasy.
February 17, 8-10:15pm
Labyrinth, Never Ending Story, Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings

Theme: Sci-Fi Fantacular.
February 18, 8-10:15pm
Star Wars, Back to the Future, The Matrix & Terminator

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