Jacobus Capone: Forgiving Night for Day

February 18, 2017 to
April 16, 2017

In the video installation Forgiving Night for Day, Perth artist Jacobus Capone contemplates the poetic Portuguese word ‘saudade’, an expression of deep nostalgia and longing for people, places and times irrevocably lost.

Capone wrote lyrics inspired by the emotive registers of Fado music and his wanderings through the empty early morning streets of Lisbon. His song was filmed over seven consecutive days at dawn, each time performed by a different Fado singer, from seven viewpoints overlooking the city. The resulting film is an evocative meditation on how we process and express emotional states.

With seven large screens suspended from the ceiling, the exhibition invites the viewer to experience the work from varying viewpoints as Capone’s song, performed a capella fills every inch of PICA’s galleries.

Exhibition runs from 18 February to 16 April 2017 with the gallery open Tuesday to Sunday 10am-5pm.



Forgiving Night for Day, 2016
(Video still)
7-channel video installation
Courtesy the Artist