Hot 8 Brass Band at Badlands

March 9, 2017 7:00 pm

New Orleans’ Grammy-nominated Hot 8 Brass Band will accompany the release of their fifth album, On The Spot, with an extensive tour, heading down under as well.

The new record has its roots firmly in live performance, and in true Hot 8 style it pairs hard-hitting, heart-on-sleeve sentiment with party-fuelling beats, hooks and grooves. Mixing an old school street brass approach with funkier currents and hip hop vocals, Hot 8’s magnificent originals are juxtaposed with fresh versions of Snoop Dogg, Stevie Wonder, The Specials and Basement Jaxx. The On The Spot Tour is set to bring these essential cuts to an even wider audience, while cementing the next generation of Hot 8 classic tunes in the hearts and minds of fans.

Tickets are available here.