Faber Vineyard Harvest Breakfast

March 12, 2017 9:30 am to
March 12, 2017 3:00 pm
Faber Vineyard

Celebrating harvest is natural for all farmers.  It marks the end of the growing season.  At Faber we grow about half of all our grapes and farming is a vital to us.  So naturally we celebrate.  However – harvest isn’t the end of our labours unfortunately – because of course it marks the arrival of the grapes in the winery and that creates a lot of work and stress.  Neverthe less we welcome the “vintage” because it’s a milestone in the winemaking process.

The grapes have achieved their maximum flavour, their maximum potential, and now we have to take the potential we have achieved in the vineyard and realise it in the winery.  It’s a challenge we’re up for, and that we look forward to each vintage.

The harvest is special for Faber as grapegrowers and winemakers, and it’s when they welcome guests for their annual Harvest breakfast. Guests will be taken into the winery to see the winemaking in action – help pump over a red ferment and taste the fermenting juice – try the “days old” 2017 Verdelho and check out the brown muscat grapes at their prime.

Jane has put together a massive breakfast menu, plus there will be Faber’s new 2014 Blanc de Blanc followed by your favourites to enjoy with our brunch.

Cost is $80 per head all inclusive, book via john@fabervineyard.com.au or 9296 0219.