Between/Beyond Exhibition Opening

April 7, 2017 6:00 pm
Paper Mountain

South Australian artist Nancy Downes presents spatial installations that rhythmically move and contort, dwelling on the active experience of grief and human loss.

As a physical and constructive response to the extremity of grief, the exhibition daringly imitates its circuits of feeling and affect. Downes’ work operates in a live state, giving a self-aware audience the physical impetus to think of grief as active and evolving.

Through the effects of twilight, dark shades, and black mirrors, Between/Beyond offers a series of extended displacements and absences of immersive form. Within this field of vision the artist turns to the bodily and temporal effects of grief. Downes’ living installations reassess human relations with grief – expressing its origin and reach in terms of biology and intergenerational loss.

Using stark colours, shapes, and contortions, Downes offers the senses an experience of movement as well as restriction. The spot of encounter with the live installations means a material, multi-layered investigation into grief, yet nonetheless imitates the tension and stress inherent in emotions of extreme loss.

Exhibition opens at 6pm Friday 7 April and runs until 23 April. There will be an artist talk on Saturday 8 April at 1pm.