Corner Store

  • When:930-530 Mon-Sat, 11-5 Sun
  • Where:147 South Tce Fremantle
  • Tel:9336 3005
  • Good for:beautiful and fun furniture, gifts and homewares.

The latest edition of the Corner Store / Store world of nice shops was born of the need to create a headquarters, storeroom and dispatch location. After securing a lovely old building, conveniently located on a corner (!), that had been abandoned for sometime, the team set at creating the most delightful of showrooms.To explain for just a second, there are two Stores – one in Mt Lawley and one in Fremantle – which are small scale gift shops filled to the brim with treats. The larger Corner Stores are located here in South Freo, and also in Claremont, and have stunning furniture and items of a larger scale, in their vast showrooms. The furniture you’ll find at Corner Store is ornate and functional, with a vintage feel. We’re talking etched glass mirrors, sturdy tables with delicate, turned legs, and rubbed down sideboards.

Alongside these products, that will leave you coveting the pretty, whimsy feel of the store, are the excellent extras that the small Stores are famous for: loads of fun, nostalgic items for the little ones; rows of fancy glass jars that would look excellent lined up on your mantlepiece; lamps shaped like mushrooms. Oh yes! A trip to Corner Store is such a delight. With friendly staff that fit with the cheerful spaces, you will always be able to pick up some great pressies, too, that will make your loved ones squeal with glee. Claire.