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Published on May 3, 2016
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Since Chicho Gelato opened the doors to their permanent shopfront on William Street, we have been stopping in for delicious gelato at every chance we can get. We love the fresh and exciting flavours perfectly put together by Carly and Chez De Bartolo.

Read on to hear from this dream team…

Chicho Gelato Carly and Chez

How much do you love having a permanent shopfront now?

It’s an incredible feeling! We were thrown into the deep end as we flung our doors open during the busiest time in Northbridge, Fringe World, but we wouldn’t have done it any other way. Having the store means that we have much more control over our product. Each small batch is churned fresh every day so we tend to run out of flavours by the end of the night. Offering our customers the freshest gelato is a priority as we limit the use of preservatives and stabilisers. The store also allows us to experiment with weird and wonderful combinations as we have 20 options to play with, but best of all the gelateria has given us a true base where people can return regularly for their gelato fix. The gelateria has given us a unique platform to offer a gelato experience like not other.

What seasonal flavours have you got coming up?

There might be a quince and persimmon flavour in the works…

What was gelato university like?

It was good, it provides you with the basics of gelato making though in all honesty when you make gelato “from scratch” as we do the majority of the training occurs on the job, experimenting and playing with ideas. Most gelaterie use pre-made flavour pastes containing artificial flavours and colours which is against our whole ethos and makes you devoid of creativity.

Ice cream is perfectly acceptable as a main meal, but if you’re heading out for dinner in Northbridge what’s your favourite place to go?

Our favourite places in no particular order are:
Shadow Wine Bar
Tak Chee
No Mafia

Describe Chicho in three words:

Classic. Fun. Experimental. Carly & Chez


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