Bench Espresso

  • When:7-3 Mon-Fri
  • Where:191 / 471 Hay St Perth
  • Tel:9221 1131
  • Good for:a great coffee in the east end of town.

Since opening its doors in 2011, Bench Espresso has been embraced by the city’s east side workers. Positioned near the law courts on Hay Street, Bench’s polished concrete floors are offset by clean fittings, and gentle bursts of green and mauve decor are dotted about the cafĂ©. This most strikingly includes the coffee cups, which add a dash of colour to the top of the coffee machine. Mornings are busy with the suits all lining up for an early take away, and its popularity continues throughout the day. All of this boils down to the fact that Bench churns out a tasty cup of coffee. The creamy consistency and heady aromas are achieved by the use of WA based Bannister Downs milk, a bunch of talented baristas who you’ll note all don long aprons, and carefully selected beans. If you’re peckish then grab a muffin or other baked treat to team with your coffee. Spare yourself the need to dig for loose change each morning and pick up one of their coffee cards to make the pre-caffeinated morning chit chat even easier.