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Published on November 7, 2016
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Fremantle homeowners will open their doors this weekend, 11-13 November, for the third annual Artist Open House Fremantle. Showing and selling art in private homes, this is an annual community event that aims to make affordable art accessible to everyone. It is $5 to attend the event, where guests are invited to enter 6 homes in the Fremantle area that are all within walking distance of one another.

One of the amazing homes that will be open this year is Scott Street Residence, a converted fisherman’s warehouse owned by Eamon Broderick & Soraya Ramsey. Originally built in 1972, when Eamon and Soraya bought the property in 2010 it had also been a sign writer’s business, a garage for a horse drawn carriage and a few other things.

scott-street-residence_broderick-architects_andrew-pritchard-photography-2 artist open house fremantle scott-street-residence_broderick-architects_andrew-pritchard-photography-4

“When we bought it, it was being used to store cray pots, ropes, fishing boat equipment. The back yard area was a turning circle (for vehicles towing a boat) and overgrown with weeds, and it was possible to drive through the shed from the front to the back,” Eamon and Soraya describe.

The couple were attracted to the premises as a location to create a family home by the beach. They live there along with their four children (ages 8, 8, 13 and 15) as well as one Cocker Spaniel and two cats.

When embarking on the conversion project, architecturally Eamon wanted to maintain the large volume of the shed and contrast the new elements with the industrial materials and patina of the building. Essentially they had a freestanding box on their hands, but they have cut a courtyard into the centre of the building and they removed an entire structural bay to allow light and ventilation to all rooms and create an outdoor dining room open to the sky. The long, boundary walls in the living areas form a gallery type wall – making a perfect display for Artist Open House Fremantle.

scott-street-residence_broderick-architects_andrew-pritchard-photography-5 scott-street-residence_broderick-architects_andrew-pritchard-photography-1

One of the coolest parts of the conversion is the inclusion of lofts above the bedrooms – a fun spot for the kids to hang out! Soraya loves  the cosy bedrooms contrasted with large, expansive volumes in the living areas. “I love the calm and serenity that the house has from its warm, raw materials and the natural light,” she states. For Eamon, “having family meals in the courtyard in summer under the stars and out of the sea breeze is my favourite part of the house – it’s a really special open air room.”

While the main remodelling is completed, the pair are planning to work a bit more on the garden, maybe even put a basketball court in the front yard and a pizza oven too.

scott-street-residence_broderick-architects_andrew-pritchard-photography-7 scott-street-residence_broderick-architects_andrew-pritchard-photography-6 scott-street-residence_broderick-architects_andrew-pritchard-photography-3

If you’d like to take a squiz first hand and peruse some incredible art at the same time, head to to preview the show and download the event guide.

All the pretty pictures are by Andrew Pritchard Photography.

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