2017 Lavazza Italian Film Festival: Our Top Picks

Published on September 8, 2017
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Buongiorno amici! Today we are chatting cinema Italiano as we delve into the 2017 Lavazza Italian Film Festival program. The Festival runs from 21 September to 11 October with screenings at Cinema Paradiso and Luna on SX. We’ve scoured the program to bring you our top picks for the season. Enjoy!

Let Yourself Go

Opening Night: Let Yourself Go
Thursday 21 September 6pm at Cinema Paradiso

The Lavazza Italian Film Festival will start with a bang at the Opening Night Gala. Guests will enjoy a complimentary glass of Prosecco before a screening of screwball comedy Let Yourself Go, then after the film the party kicks off at Connections Nightclub with drinks, a taste of Italy and live entertainment.

Thursday 21 September 6pm at Luna on SX
There will also be an Opening Night Reception at Luna on SX on the same night – 21 September – with live music, drinks and antipasti on arrival before the screening.

Closing Night: Life is Beautiful
Wednesday 11 October, 6pm at Cinema Paradiso and 6:30pm at Luna on SX
This year marks the 20th anniversary of Roberto Benigni’s Oscar winning modern classic Life Is Beautiful. At both Festival locations, you’re invited to a pre-screening reception presented by Campari Aperol Spritz, Stella Artois and Connoisseur Gourmet Ice Cream.

Sea Dreaming Girls
Saturday 23 September 1:40pm and Tuesday 10 October 11am at Cinema Paradiso, Tuesday 26 September 11am and Thursday 5 October 6:30pm at Luna on SX
This documentary follows a group of grandmothers from a mountain village planning a trip to the seaside, a place that some of them have never before seen. Witness their money-raising exploits, including one that ends up going viral across Italy.

Sea Dreaming Girls

Sicilian Ghost Story
Saturday 23 September 9:30pm and Friday 6 October 6:30pm at Cinema Paradiso, Monday 25 September 6pm and Monday 9 October 9pm at Luna on SX
Mixing reality with elements of the supernatural, Sicilian Ghost Story was inspired by the true story of a teenager who was kidnapped by the Mafia to silence his informant father. In the film, the boy’s classmate Luna refuses to brush the disappearance aside and descends into the dark world that swallowed him up.

An Almost Perfect Town
Sunday 1 October 1:20pm and Monday 9 October 9pm at Cinema Paradiso, Tuesday 26 September 6:30pm and Sunday 8 October 6pm

With the closure of the local mine, a town in Italy’s southern mountain region is becoming a ghost town with no work for the recently laid off miners. But talk of a factory opening gives hope for an economic future. The only problem is, the only doctor in town is a plastic surgeon who is temporarily stranded there and the factory won’t open without a local physician. The miners must convince him to stay in their almost perfect town.

Monday 25 September 3:30pm at Cinema Paradiso, Monday 2 October 11am and Saturday 7 October 1:45pm at Luna on SX
Caffeine addicts can get their fix with Coffee, the first ever Italian co-production with China. The film tells three loosely entwined stories about human relationships that span continents.

These Days
Tuesday 3 October 8:40pm at Cinema Paradiso and Tuesday 10 October 8:40pm at Luna on SX
These Days
is a coming-of age road trip film about four women who drive to Belgrade for work and along the way learn about one another and themselves.

At War for Love

At War for Love
Wednesday 27 September 8:45pm and Friday 6 October 11am at Cinema Paradiso, Monday 25 September 1:30pm and Tuesday 3 October 9pm at Luna on SX
A poetic comedy that looks at how the Mafia was able to obtain a stronghold in Sicily. Set in wartime in 1940s New York City, a goofy waiter falls in love with Flora who is betrothed to the son of a New York Mafia boss. His only solution is to travel to Italy by enlisting in the US military before their invasion to ask her father for her hand.

I Can Quit Whenever I Want 2: Masterclass
Thursday 28 September 9pm, Sunday 1 October 3:30pm and Sunday 8 October 6pm at Cinema Paradiso, Saturday 23 September 1:45pm, Friday 29 September 8:45pm and Monday 9 October 6:30pm at Luna on SX

This is the follow-up flick to 2014’s Festival hit I Can Quit Whenever I Want, and the second in a planned trilogy. In exchange for a clean criminal record, the team are asked to secretly collaborate with the police to stop a rapidly spreading smart drug scourge. An action packed comedy.

Sun, Heart, Love
Friday 22 September 8:50pm and Thursday 28 September 6:30pm at Cinema Paradiso and Monday 25 September 8:40pm and Tuesday 3 October 6:30pm at Luna on SX

It’s poetic when a film about the intricacies of day to day life reflects a broader story about society and the country at large, and this is one of those films. Meet Eli who takes a waitressing job with a two hour commute each way in an effort to provide for her family and quickly becomes its most valuable asset, while her best friend lives out her dreams of being a dancer.

Oh boy, there are so many more titles that are sure to please and you can read about them all in the program here. Tickets are now available from the Luna website and we urge you to book ahead – we’ve been caught out before by sold out sessions as the Italian Film Festival always draws a crowd!

Claire Trolio

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